OpenVisionZ Blog #8 - I See Darkness In You

OpenVisionZ Blog #8 -  I See Darkness In You

OpenVisionZ Weekly Thoughts & Expressions

I see Darkness In You
It all started with some cheap acid and a girl I thought I would be with for a long time.

I bought some weird LSD hits a little while after I met her not just to impress her but to see what she hid within her normal consciousness, we took them and I seen all the darkness a soul could have just hiding in her heart waiting to come out and cause horror upon anyone who was close to her, That person was me and it has scar will heel in time because I GOT THAT LD 

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So the acid was the reason why I am not surprised that one day it would end between us and the way it ended was just as cold as you would think it would be when hell freezes over.

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The problem lays down with the solution when the terrible walks with the beautiful, this is when a cauldron of stewed spirits and intense consciousness boils, where one distinguishes the sane from evil and life tapers between internal and external death.  Remain in the moment and internalize what comes from the most visceral vituperative energy the human brain can manifest and remember that it will reflect what is cast upon your relation with this realm.  

OpenVisionZ Weekly Thoughts & Expressions

  1. Fuck em if they hate you
  2. Try your best
  3. Be prepared to lose mentally 
  4. Be as respectful as you can be
  5. Buy drugs from people who take em

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