OpenVisionZ Blog #6 - "Traffic in the City"


"Traffic in the City" - Red lights green lights yellow lights all the signs stop signs one way no through trucks do not enter school buses Kids crossing the street without looking pedestrians walking in the street because of the snow on the sidewalk people getting out of work rushing to get home or to their loved one with no concern of the traffic around to where they gridlock the city trying to weave and cut in between each other to the point where it locks up and nobody goes anywhere ambulances firetrucks everybody gets dark at 5:00 PM in the city has to do with people who do not know how to drive for starters second people don’t care about who has to go where they’re only concern with where they have to go they don’t care that the yellow light is going to turn red in there going to get stuck in the middle of an intersection as long as they can finish their way through eventually the anxiety that happens to me when I am trying to deliver a pizza but I cannot go forward because somebody is blocking the intersection is tremendous it makes my head spin I turned beet red i scream and yell and pound the steering wheel boy yet nothing works the constant blinking red brake light in my face makes me feel like the bull that’s going to charge the Matador at full steam and kill him when I realize there’s nothing I can do traffic is traffic the city isn’t equipped to have the infrastructure to have this many people with cars on the road this small city was probably built on the fact that people drove horses around the city as the cops still do ride horses around the city it’s not meant to have 1000 Ford Explorer’s 99,000 Honda is 130,000 Toyota hours driving through the city all at once when your city as a road made with cobblestones Traffic will be so bad that you will never get to where you have to go on time if you’re on the road at the right time in the fact that you’re not just riding a horse to maneuver through the city or flying a helicopter your stock "  


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