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OpenVisionZ Blog #4 The Quad Blog!  

I have many things that I can talk about, the one thing I want to address is being arrested on a American Airlines flight because I thought I could take the life preserver as a souvenir. It all started with this phase of accumulating souvenirs on a vacation in San Francisco. It started with snatching zip car signs off the streets of  the Mission. Then I started collecting different simple things like a grate for a water spout thing that said SF water Dept. I ended up visiting the city of San Fran in the year 2007 and 2010 and I attempted to move there in 2013 and ended up not listening to my heart and listening to the people around me telling me that I needed to be in the city for work instead of dealing with the commute but the thing was I just wanted to live in California and get away from the North East winter no matter what kind of job I would have ended up working.

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I had a plan that involved me just being a poor kid with a shit job in the outskirts of the Bay and I could travel to the City when I wanted, but instead it turned into me being overwhelmed and not doing what I wanted to do because I thought I had to be someone I wasn't.  

That's neither here nor there, this blog is about me going there in 2007 and basically stealing a lot of public property and then trying to take a plane prize kinda like how people take hotel towels except I took the life saver from under the seat. The thing is I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for the urge to smoke a cigarette on the layover. So the layover was in Philadelphia, and I had decided to stuff the life preserver in my computer bag and got off the plane no questions asked so I thought to myself well that was easy now its time to explore what little bit of this dingy airport I could and I went out and smoked a cigarette which required me to have to go through the check in gates again, little did I realize that taking the life preserver was illegal and that when I go through the baggage scan it the little inflatable device thing made alarms ring and the TSA seen the CO2 cartridge and immediately got wet like the little bitches they are and thought that they just caught a terrorist or something. So the funny part about the story is as all the TSA agents were getting there rocks off searching me and asking me whats in the bag and there was a little old lady that had a pack of straight razors she was attempting to get onto the plane and they said let her go we have a bigger fish to fry talking about me.  
Get Elevated Sky Line
Get Elevated
So right then and there I started to panic and the sweat glands started to leak and then the Airport Police showed up and it was this little 4'11 black guy who you would have never guessed was a cop in Philly.  He began to bring me to the holding cell in the airport and threw me in a cage and the lil cop says "you you fucked up, right?" and I said ughh? So any crime committed on a plane is a federal offense and I had a feeling my white privilege would not help me in this situation. So after about 9 hours of sitting in a cell wondering if I should try and make a break or somehow have a fake heart attack and try and get moved to a hospital and then make a break, at one point I started to try and push the door open enough to get my hand out to try and unlock the locks and at that moment I started to realize that I committed a huge crime and I was fucked and then next the little cop walks in again and he says "you know you fucked up, right?"  

  I was done all done no money for a lawyer and no idea if getting one would even help, I started to think about the fine I would have to pay which I thought would be like a $100000 or more. Then it got worse. The little black cop came in again and said lets go you have to go get processed down at the North Philly lock up station and I was lucky because the city was going to pick up the charges and not American Airlines. So I thought that was good news but then he said I would not be allowed to fly with them or out of the Philadelphia Airport at all.  

The fact that I was stuck in Philadelphia was not even the main issue and the fact that I had to go sit in a North Philadelphia holding cell to get processed was starting to make me sweat. So the ride in the back of the cruiser was nerve racking as I started to see all the slummyness that the Philly Ghettos had to offer.  So there I was, a little white kid in a filthy rotten holding cell in North Philly. So the police must have had a busy night because they were pulling in shit heads all night and everyone of them were there on gun crimes and gun charges and then I looked a little closer and noticed that I was the only white kid in this place beside the police which all were white guys and the lady cops were black.  

So I had to ask the cop if I was going to be able to bail myself out and he didn't even acknowledge me.  So after I took prints and pictures and paperwork I got thrown in a cell with a bunch of guys and 1 kid started talking to one of the lady cops asking about someone she knew and they obviously must of knew each other and I didn't pay that no mind until later in my stay.  So after being in the cell for a few hours, the cheese sandwich cart came by and the guard started passing out cheese sandwiches and water and I thought to myself I have to eat so I started chewing and next my cell mate started to tell me that I want to use those for pivot points when you sleep and I thought to myself no I wont be sleeping here I'm going to bail out right? Special Offer
They all laughed and said yeah if the bail truck makes it here before 6 pm tomorrow you can. So I didn't process that right away and I eventually fell asleep and about a hour in the nap my hip and shoulder started to get sore and I took a few cheese sandwiches and put them under the pivot points to cushion the hard concrete floor. So I woke up to a tickle and I looked up at the ceiling and I seen it was moving, then my eyes started to focus on what was making the ceiling move and yep, it was giant cockroaches!! I mean GIGANTIC ones and many of them, then I realized they were feasting on those sweaty cheese sandwiches I had stuffed under my pivot points, I got freaked out and decided to stand for the remainder of the stint. So a couple hours turned into a few hours which turned into almost 20 hours later. The bail van never showed and I was starting to worry and then the celly's told me what happens if the van doesn't show and it was bad news.  

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They told me that I would have to get sent to the main jail and from there I would have to wait for two to three weeks until my court hearing, I started to freak out and panicking. So the guy who knew the lady cop started to say that he had a plan, I believed him because I had no choice and I just hoped his plan didn't involve a riot. So he gave a whistle and that lady cop came over and he whispered something to her and then he looked at me and said we have about 35 mins to get outta here. So in my mind I thought that he was going to have her get us a couple cop uniforms and open the cell door and let us just walk out like as if we were on duty cops.  

I was wrong, he just told her to call the van and tell them to get here asap. So it started to come down to the last few minutes it was 5:50 pm the next day. All of a sudden the van showed up and a officer came in and said lets go you two and it was me and my new friend. Now this guy was a certified gangster and a Philly native.  He saved me from being sent to jail for a dumb crime but I still had to get home and I was almost 600 miles form home.  I wanted to pay his bail but he wouldn't let me and he said just get me a pack of Newport's and we're straight. I was grateful.  I wouldn't be able to fly so I asked him where I could rent a car and he showed me but I had to drop him off in the hood afterwards. I agreed and he proceeded to show me the hood in South Philly. It was dilapidated and full of boarded up houses and it looked like hell. Never the less I dropped him off at one of the boarded up houses said thank you and he hoped out and threw me a peace sign and disappeared. 

That was that, I was on my way home and I had dodged a huge bullet. So after I got back home I had to start planning out what to do to not only get back for my court date but also what kind of lawyer I would need.  Long story I know but its almost over.  
Rear view mirror
On the road home
About three months later I had to drive back to Philly and go to court, and I had some money for a lawyer and I started to call the snakes. I had got quotes from $3500 to $60,000 and I figured my freedom has no price and I had to pay the money no matter what. So I drive back to Philly and I am walking around getting cheese steaks and shit, I bumped into this guy and he turned around and it turned out to be my boy who got the bail van to show up and he knew why I was there in the city he said you have to go to court right? I said yeah, he said you got a lawyer yet, I said no I was gonna go get one but I am not trying to spend a million dollars and then he said oh nah you have to call this guy he will hook you up, then he gave me a card with number on it. 

I called the lawyer and this woman answers the phone and says come down to our office, and she gave the address. Now in the back of my mind I thought it was a set up, but I figured fuck it lets see what happens. I walked into this building that was kinda ran down and I walked up a few flights of stairs and there was this little office the size of a closet, with a big black woman sitting at a desk, she said are you here to see Sam?  I said yeah. Then she said you the kid that got arrested at on the airplane? I said yep that's me. She said ok, its gonna be 500 cash, I said ughh ok. She took my money and gave me a hand written receipt then told me "Sam" will see you at court and he will call you the day of the court date, and I left and went and got another cheese steak. So the court date was a few days away, and then the day came and I got a call from "Sam" who sounded really old and really Jewish, he told me to meet him in room 2D and he asked me to dress appropriately and said see you soon.  So when I walked into room 2D at the courthouse I seen this little Jewish guy talking to almost everyone at the courthouse from judges to lawyers and all the officers pretty much everyone who was anyone there, community service and a small fine to pay he said.  I asked him how?  He said he has been working as a lawyer since the late 50's and has deep roots in the world of law and order, which made sense seeing how he knew everyone in the courthouse.

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 He began to tell me I was lucky because he was supposed to retire last week but I caught him at a good time because he wanted to do one last case.  Now I am at the stand and he told me to plead guilty and I did then the judge gave me a fine of like a few hundred dollars and like a 6 month probation period. I felt relieved and I started to thank "Sam" for helping me out of a jam and I looked around the city for the guy who helped me bail out but I never found him. So since then I stopped taking random souvenirs and I am allowed to fly but I have not flew American Airlines ever since just Delta.  

So this is the takeaway from this blog. 


Thanks you to the guy who helped me get out of the South Philadelphia Jail!

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