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I like to pretend I am a Professional Photographer, I take pictures although I am far from being able to earn a living off photography I would love to be a professional cinematographer or photographer. I know it takes years of photo shoots to become slightly good. I have a Canon SL2 with a kit lens 18-55 mm and I am trying to learn as I go. I want to add lenses to my arsenal as soon as possible but unfortunately for me I have to save pennies to buy toys, I work as a pizza delivery driver so its going to take a lot of tips to buy what I need. I like to think I take some good pictures with the equipment I have though and it's ok if I suck because I enjoy doing it.

So here are some photos I shot with my Canon Sl2 18-55mm Kit lens and also some pictures I have took with various Iphones I will try to curate this page periodically, I do post on Instagram pretty regularly and also sometimes post pictures on Twitter 

Most of these Photos are not edited and shot on a Iphone in California

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