This my friends is OpenVisionZ Blog #3

This my friends is blog #3 This is where it gets silly and my imagination really starts to show. 

Reynolds Doesn't Wrap It Up starring Alumina Bigguns
also Reynold Big Boner Phoyles

have made a few stop motion animation vids but this one was one of the first and it is called "Reynolds Doesn't Wrap It Up" starring "Alumina Bigguns". I have a dirty mind ladies and gents and this is a example of what a boring day can lead to with a little bit of imagination. Stop-motion is fun and I have to make more vids and I will try and make as many porn related ones as I possibly can.

The music is made by me and is called the "Talking bout the Boner"
I have to warn you about the graphic money shot that involves blue cheese.  This video is not suitable for children and is definitely graphic so watch with caution.

A little background about "Reynold Big Boner Phoyles". He was discovered on the shelves of the market and mutated in the stop motion porn star superstar he is today with starring in amateur films such as "Hey Mr. Big and Shiny" and "Full Metal Cocks" where he was a stand in for the main actor "Tommy Plastic Wraps" who had mysteriously disappeared during the shoot and was found months later in the recycling plant dead by apparent overdose of heroin. The silver lining was that a star was born who goes by the name "Reynold Big Boner Phoyles".  Reynold has done films all over the world and has tasted every flavor of woman there is. His iconic role in "Reynolds Doesn't Wrap It Up" starring "Alumina Bigguns" has far surpassed all expectations in the Box Offices and is currently being nominated for 3 academy awards and the soundtrack "Talking bout the Boner" has won numerous awards for best music used in a stop motion animation video. The inspiration for the music came from a a Asian man who pronounced the word bonus like boner, and from the a musical masterpiece was born. The main take away from this video pink eye is real and it can happen to you!

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