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 OpenVisionZ Blog pt. 2!

My second blog is this shit right here and I don't know what to talk about so I will just spew some random thoughts and ideas for people to read again.  I just woke up at about 2 in the afternoon after a long night of DMT and weed smoking. I feel lazy and fat as I should because I don't do anything besides live vicariously through Youtube videos and Twitter tweets.

 I would like to share some confidential pimpin stories that involve a a cops ex wife also ex recovering full time hooker named "Sheila Rhinestones" and her loquacious pimp who goes by the name "Long Dick Chappy" who has a cold heart and a long dick for these ho's.  "Long Dick Chappy" served 2 years for putting bitches on the track on Christmas Eve one year. He had no feelings for these thots and he made his pack of ho's put work in anywhere but when the holiday season rolled around, that year the track was the 53rd street in Pittsburgh, directly in front of the Pittsburgh police station and the only reason why he got the 2 years that Christmas was because one of the hos was a cops wife who originally showed up to drop off a fruit cake for the officers, but smooth talking "Long Dick Chappy" was so smooth with the raps, in less than 8 words he had that bitch tricking like every other ho. Before "Sheila Rhinestones" even made it to the front door of the station "Long Dick" recognized that he had found his new bottom bitch, and she was a special one. "Sheila Rhinestones" formally known as "Sheila Pasquale" wife of "Officer Lieutenant Robbie Pasquale", was so hypnotized by "Long Dicks" quaintness she had no choice but to succumb immediately to his poetry and transformed into "Long Dicks" bottom bitch. "Sheila Rhinestones" then rapidly stripped down to her underwear and started trotting the track, thumb out and doing the butterfly. I know you want to know what "Long Dick Chappy" said to get her stuck in less than 8 words and those words were - "Look here bitch, I got that LD" 

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